A major innovation for pipeline’s safety: replacing concrete protection slabs by Overpipe Plates. With approximately 50% of accident, third party damages represent most great danger for buried networks.

Economic growth and urbanization make this danger more present. Protecting buried network around commercial or inhabited areas is now an urgent need.
To protect old networks or to provide appropriate security measures for certain sectors of new projects, the use of concrete slabs is no longer adapter: costly and dangerous installation, weight, difficulties for future interventions etc…

Plaques Overpipe_pose copy

This is how OVERPIPE proposed to its client GDF SUEZ (now ENGIE) to develop together a new way of protection: a HDPE protection plate, with the same mechanical resistance that concrete slabs.
Thus, in 2009, the OVERPIPE plate in HDPE was designed and commercialized. It protects now hundreds of kilometers of pipelines.